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    Need some help in your garden? Are those weeds getting out of control? Perhaps your lawn just needs mowing or trimming and edging? But you haven’t got time for that! You need a professional on the job. Someone who will turn up on time, get straight to work, and leave your garden looking like a paradise on earth!

    Sure, you can try DIY gardening, but no matter how good your intentions at the beginning, we have all gotten tired and given up on a gardening project at one time or another. With all of that heavy lifting and sweating it out in the sun, giving your garden the once over can feel like a back breaking and thankless task.

    It can take days to get through the smallest of garden landscaping projects, and even something as simple as lawn mowing can shave hours off your precious weekend time!

    So take back your weekends! Why not save your valuable time and put your garden in the green hands of an AECS professional gardener? Sit back and relax knowing that the hard labour will be finished in a flash!

    And it’s not just our love of hard labour that makes us the gardening service Sydney trusts. Read on to see what sets us apart from the rest:

  • On Time, Every Time

  • Fully Licensed & Insured with Extended Warranty

  • Eco Friendly Pesticides & Cleaning Solutions

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with Proven Methods

  • Results You Will See, Guaranteed

  • Over 10 Years of Experience in Cleaning & Pest Control

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    Gardening Sydney Trusts

    We’ve been the trusted choice in gardening services for years, and for very good reason. We provide unparalleled service quality and our friendly staff can carry out any job you could possibly need done in your garden. It’s as simple as that: there is no job too big or small!

    Landscaping Services

    There is a fine art to making your garden look perfect. It requires a flare for design, a good appreciation of good balance, and to achieve the look you want, you’ll need a lot of man hours. Fear not! AECS have the men and women for the job, and are able to carry out any garden landscaping idea you might have.

    Hedge Trimming

    Your garden will never look better than it does after a proper hedge trim. Not a leaf is out of place, and the edges are so clean and straight you could rest a spirit level along the top. But the professional look is hard to achieve by yourself without the right tools and experience. That’s where we come in! AECS have the tools and knowledge to get your hedges looking consistently amazing!

    Lowing Mowing, Trimming and Edging – We’re a Cut Above the Rest

    No garden is complete without an impressive, healthy green lawn. If your lawn is lacking colour or looking a little rough around the edges, it’s high time you call AECS to cut that lawn down to size. Lawns of any size will be cut in a flash, and we’ll cut it to the exact height you want, depending on whether you prefer it on the longer or shorter side.

    Weed Control Specialists

    Weeds can spoil even the best looking garden. And they just keep coming back! We’ve all been there: on our hands and knees in the garden doing hours of thankless weeding only for the darn things to be back in a couple of weeks! How frustrating! And despite all of the miracle cures on the market, there are only a few ways to rid your garden of weeds for good.

    Garden Pest Experts

    Here at AECS, we have years of experience in every professional method, and we guarantee that we can get rid of your weeds for good, and have regular maintenance plans to stop them ever coming back!

    And did you know there are some nasty little critters who can completely ruin your lawn by eating at the blade of grass from the roots? If you see any signs of lawn discolouration you should call us urgently: AECS have the experience and technology to destroy pesky garden pests without harming your lawn.

    Other Gardening Services

    We offer too many gardening services to fit them all on one page, and we don’t want you falling asleep reading a list of our hundreds of services, so we’ll be quick.

    Here are just a few of the other service we offer for your garden: garden clean up, green waste disposal, tree lopping, plant and tree removal, plant and tree planting, mulching, lawn fertilising and more.

    Call Us Today

    With unbeatable service quality and a wealth of experience in gardening and grounds maintenance, there really is not better choice for gardening services in Sydney than us. So give us a call today or book online using our contact form.