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  • Strata Cleaning Sydney Strata Managers Deserve

    You have enough on your mind: running a property is no mean feat. On any given day you could be making sure the plumbing and electrical are working, keeping tenants updated about upcoming works, and ensuring the funds and finances of the building are looking healthy.

    In fact, most days, you’ll be doing all of these, and more!

    This means you simply don’t have time to engage sub-par trades and service companies. You’ve got enough on your plate without having to chase up other people, or double check their work.

    That’s where we can help. We get our job done right first time, and pride ourselves on offering stress free, seamless, end to end service for all of your cleaning needs. Below are just a few of the reasons we’re a favourite with the strata community when it comes to cleaning:

  • On Time, Every Time

  • Fully Licensed & Insured with Extended Warranty

  • Eco Friendly Pesticides & Cleaning Solutions

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with Proven Methods

  • Results You Will See, Guaranteed

  • Over 10 Years of Experience in Cleaning & Pest Control

  • What Makes Us the First Choice in Cleaning for Strata Managers?

    The first and most noticeable aspect of our service that makes us perfect for strata is this: we won’t let you down. Ever. Since we started, we’ve prided ourselves on being absolutely rock solid and completely dependable. So you’ll never have to chase us to make sure we arrive on time. You won’t have to remind us to clean a certain area more frequently. We will go through your needs in detail once, and every visit after, you can sit back and let us do what we do best without having to worry.

    Our People Will Impress You and Everyone At Your Building

    Secondly, we invest in the best quality people, and make sure that our staff are well equipped and trained. We have a wealth of experience in all types of cleaning, and so we have honed our skills and created methods and processes to ensure an even and consistent clean to all parts of the building. This means you’ll never have to call us back after a service because we missed a spot.

    We Don’t Cost the Earth

    Most companies that provide the value that we do charge a much higher rate. It makes sense – better service usually equates to higher price.

    Not with us: our business model allows us to provide unparalleled cleaning services and client care, whilst also maintaining a lean business with low overheads. We’re not one of the large corporations with bloated management teams, expensive CBD offices or expensive marketing campaigns. We pass these cost savings on to you, which means our service, whilst streets ahead of the competition in all other aspects, is still competitively priced.

    We focus on our specialities: cleaning and customer car. So that’s all you pay for.

    We Build Lasting Relationships Through Exception Service Quality

    The people in your building will get used to seeing our vehicles arrive, they will get used to seeing our uniforms around their buildings, and they will get used to seeing our smiling staff being friendly and considerate whilst going about their job.

    But most of all, everyone in your building will notice the exceptionally high level of cleanliness around the entire building. We attend regularly and clean from top to bottom, so there will never be a window sill with dust on it, nor will there ever be a smudged window ruining the views.

    We can provide you with property assessment reports, quality control reports and we will even attend to owners corporation meetings if you request. This is because we believe in building long lasting relationships through honest feedback, which will allow us to further improve and tailor our services to your building.

    We Protect The Environment

    We understand the importance of reducing the damage done to the environment wherever possible. As a cleaning company, it is hard to be an eco-friendly company, since to do our work used to require many strong, industrial, and often environmentally toxic chemicals.

    However, becoming green was non-negotiable for us, and so we have developed systems and new techniques which mean that we can provide the same deep, refreshing clean without compromising the environment with harsh chemicals.

    Unlike many of our competitors, we have chosen to adapt and create new methods of cleaning, which although they require more hard work on our part, do not harm the ecology we all love.

    The Strata Cleaner Sydney Believes In

    We understand your industry and provide tailored service to ensure that your building runs smoothly. The difference between using a general cleaner, vs using our strata specialist cleaning team as AECS is like night and day. Just try us once and you’ll never need another cleaning team.

    For friendly, dependable and hassle free service, call us today, or fill in the form, for a no obligation quote. This way you can see that despite our quality service, our prices are very competitive.